New Features in CPRM6

  • Multiple Timeframe Chart Patterns & Pattern Columns
  • Two Pre-Configured MTC Pattern Profiles for End-of-Day and Real Time Trading
  • MTC Pattern Trading Seminar

Get an unprecedented edge with CPRM6!

The Chart Pattern Recognition Module (CPRM) automatically finds the stocks with the strongest patterns in the market. Now in CPRM6, we can also find the best patterns in ANY timeframe! This breakthrough in pattern identification technology makes the best Chart Pattern Module more powerful than ever before!

Get MTC Patterns in Higher AND Lower Timeframes

CPRM6 provides the flexibility of getting pattern confirmation in either higher timeframes or lower timeframes – or BOTH! Whether you enable a higher timeframe or a lower timeframe, CPRM6 will analyze all of the enabled timeframes in your Profile and show you any recent patterns.

The Most Highly Confirmed Candidates at Your Fingertips!

CPRM6 provides an all new level of Pattern confirmation. The module includes two pre-configured profiles to help you find the most highly confirmed candidates in the market.

CPRM6 End-of-Day Profile

The CPRM6 EOD Profile looks at the Daily chart and the Weekly chart in order determine which trades have the highest profit potential. Finding patterns in the same direction gives us an incredibly highly confirmed trade.

CPRM6 Real Time Profile

The CPRM6 RT Profile is designed to be run on the 5-minute timeframe to identify patterns for all of the symbols in your Focus List in that timeframe. The profile also looks for any recent patterns in the 60-minute timeframe. This makes it easy to instantly see not only the most highly confirmed Real Time trades, it will also keep you from trading into a strong higher timeframe pattern that could hinder your trade.

Maximize Your Trading with New Seminar

Boosting Profits with MTC Chart Patterns

While the new features in CPRM6 are intuitive and easy to engage, we want to make sure that you have all of the information you need to profit immediately. Boosting Profits with MTC Chart Patterns shows you how to use all the new features in CPRM to help you make consistent gains, and it is included FREE with your purchase of CPRM6.

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