MetaStockVersion Add-Ons Compatibility
Add-On End of Day/DT Professional/RT Required ver or Data Sub
Adaptive Cycle Toolkit Yes Yes 8.01-15.0
AlphOmegaElliott Waves Yes Yes 13.0-15.0
Around the Horn Yes Yes 11.0-15.0
Don FishbacksODDS Compression for Options Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Vince Vora’s Our Favorite Trade Setups Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Vince Vora’s Winning Momentum System Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Teach Talk Trade Yes Yes 15.0
Barry Burns “Top Dog Trading Select” Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
John Bollinger Band System Yes No 7.03-15.0
Chuck Hughes Prime Trade Select Yes Yes 12.0-15.0
Dr. Elder’s Trading Room Yes No 8.01-15.0
Dr. Issy Bacher’s Cycle Trends Plus Yes Yes 13.0-15.0
Dr. Stoxx’s Trend Trading Toolkit Yes Yes 11.0-15.0
ETS 2.1 Trading System Yes No 10.0-15.0
FXTA™ – FX Traders Advantage No Yes 9.1-15.0
Greg Morris’Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition Yes Yes 11.0-15.0
ICE 2.6 Yes No 9.1-15.0
Jake Bernstein’s Set Up and Timing Triggers Yes Yes 11.0-15.0
JBL Risk Manager Yes No Reuters Datalink
John Carter’s Squeeze System Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
John Bollinger’s Bollinger Band Tool Kit Yes Yes 8.01-15.0
John Murphy’s Chart Pattern Recognition Yes No 11.0-15.0
Marc Belnicks Bullish Buy & Bearish Sell Yes No 14.0-15.0
Mark Leibovit’s Volume Reversal ToolKit Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Martin Pring’s Special K Yes Yes 11.0-15.0
MetaSwing Yes Yes 9.0-15.0
Nison’s Candlesticks Unleashed Yes Yes 7.2-15.0
Panos Panagiotou’s DomiStock Yes Yes 15 +
Performance Systems Plus Yes Yes 11.0-15.0
PowerPivots Plus Yes Yes 7.2-15.0
PowerStrike Yes No 7.21-15.0
Price Headley’s Big Trends Toolkit 2.1 Yes Yes 10.0-15.0
RMO ATM II Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Red Rock Pattern Strategies Yes Yes 10.0-15.0
Rick Saddler’s Patterns for Profit Yes Yes 15.0+
Rob Hoffman’s Pro Trader Pack ELITE Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Vince Voras Voracity Yes Yes 15.0
Steve Bigalow’s Candle Profit System Yes Yes 12.0-15.0
Steve Ruffley’s TraderMaker Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Stuart McPhee’s Trade Launch Systems Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Superior Profit CUE Global Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Tactical Trader Advanced Trading Strategies Yes Yes 10.0-15.0
Teach Talk Trade’s Trend Momentum Toolkit Yes Yes 15.0
Walter Bressert’s Profit Trader Real Time No Yes 7.03-15.0
Wendy Kirkland’s Automated Swing Trader Yes Yes 14.0-15.0
Winans Preferred Stock Toolbox™ Yes Yes 12.0-15.0