Vince Vora’s Our Favorite Trade Setup, is a simple and powerful system now available only on MetaStock. Get all the benefits of Vince’s most-popular system, expertly crafted and completely automated for your convenience. Our Favorite Trade Setup is a simple system that has proven to be very effective.

In evaluating trades Our Favorite Trading Setups looks to trade in the direction of the overall trend. It uses the Slope of the 7 period moving average to identify the trend and measure its strength. With MetaStock, Vince Vora uses a proprietary calculation to determine if the trend is rising, falling or moving sideways. This is indicated on the chart using the trend ribbon. This system will only look to take trades in the direction of the overall trend.

Once the slope of the trend has been determined, OFTS will move on to further analyse the symbol. For Long Trades it looks for Bulling Engulfing signals with a positive slope. For a Short trade it looks for a Bearish engulfing signal with a negative slope.

To further define a Bullish Engulfing pattern we will look for a Candle that open lower than the Previous Bars Body and closes above. For clarity, we are comparing the bodies of the candles and not looking at the wicks.

A Bullish engulfing pattern during an uptrend would be considered a Setup Bar. in this case a Green Triangle is dispalyed under a valid setup bar. The expert commentary will tell you the exact price of your entry of the bar and the price of your initial stop.

Indicators included.

  • Vora Favorite Trade Slope

Explorations included:

  • Vora Favorite Trade Setup scans
  • Vora Favorite Trade Trigger scans

Experts included:

  • Vora Favorite Trade

Templates included:

  • Vora Favorite Trade – Clean Layout
  • Vora Favorite Trade – With Slope

Also included:

  • Vince’s full video course on using Our Favorite Trade Setups

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