PowerPivots Plus™

In the markets, timing is everything. Power Pivots Plus can help you pinpoint the best time to get in a trade… and out!

Get ready to discover a whole new, smarter way to view the complex marketplace…

The first of its kind, PowerPivots Plus (PP+) is a MetaStock add-on that uses proprietary algorithms to evaluate the market’s current trend and momentum, to help you identify, label and act upon those key pivotal support and resistance levels.

What are Pivots?

A pivot is a specific point – in terms of time and price – when a shift in balance has occurred between buyers and sellers. These market turning points typically represent where a change in trend has occurred, or is occurring. At the core of PowerPivots Plus is a proprietary algorithm that not only detects these pivots, but also evaluates their significance and strength.

What is Trend Direction?

Trend Direction is a unique study included in PowerPivots Plus, which identifies the direction of the trend – be it a minor, intermediate, major, or primary market trend. Just specify the pivot strength you want, and PowerPivots Plus highlights the price data according to whether the trend of the specified strength is up or down.

Choose the trading system that fits your trading style.

Whether you trade intraday or end-of-day… active or long term… full-time or part-time, PowerPivots Plus has the tools to fit your unique trading style.

Included are several different trading models, each with distinct trading characteristics. You’ll find a description of each PowerPivot trading model in the users manual. Just choose the one with characteristics that best fit your trading style.

Then get ready to use MetaStocks power tools to back-test, filter, and examine the optimal conditions under which to trade…

The Enhanced System Tester helps you define your PowerPivots Plus “trading model” parameters, so you’ll know what criteria and conditions give you optimal results.

The Explorer helps you find the securities that are currently (or on the verge of) generating either long or short entry signals under those conditions. Just input your trading scenario and let The Explorer go to work!

The Experts, Commentary, and Indicators included with PowerPivots Plus help you further analyze those possible trades to narrow them down to the most promising trading opportunities. The included seven indicators are an excellent way to reconfirm that your entry and exit signals are on target!

PowerPivots Plus offers MetaStock users the ability to perform multiple time-frame analysis.

Serious traders understand that in order to be successful, they must be able to quickly assess the longer-term market trends. PowerPivots Plus, with the innovation of Tfactors a formula included within PP+ and more, now makes it easy to analyze the same market across multiple time frames all on one chart! MetaStock users can also incorporate multiple time-frame analysis into System Tests, Explorations, and Experts.

To Target your Trading for greater Profit Potential, Order PowerPivots Plus Today!