Jake Bernstein’s Setup and Timing Triggers

Jake Bernstein’s setup and timing triggers is a collection of Jake’s favorite technical and Commitments of Traders signals.*

Jake Bernstein’s Technical Signals

Jake Bernstein’s technical signals include a collection of Jake’s favorite trading methodologies. They are designed to work with Stocks, Futures, and Forex. These systems will give you crystal clear entry points, stop losses, and profit targets.

Included Systems:

  • JBS – 2 Day Breakaway Gap
  • JBS – 30 Minute Breakout
  • JBS – 5 Bar MAC pattern
  • JBS – MAC with AD/MA
  • JBS – Momentum/Moving Average
  • JBS – Moving Average Channel
  • JBS – Power Momentum

All systems include full integration into the MetaStock platform. You can use The Explorer™ to scour through thousands of stocks, futures, or any of the instruments you are interested in trading to find just the stocks that have a buy or short signal for today.

With the Expert Advisor™ and its built in commentary tools, you will get a complete explanation of every system included. In addition you will get real time alerts to changes in position, profit target, and maximum allowed losses.

The System Tester™ will also allow you to scrutinize these systems to find the most profitable for the stocks you’re interested in and your risk tolerance.


Jake Bernstein has been teaching traders for many years that traders should utilize methods that include a specific Setup, a Trigger, and a Follow Through. This helps traders enter trades that put the odds in their favor and allow them to maximize their profits in the trades they take. Every system in Jake Bernstein’s Setup and Timing Triggers follow the STF model.