OmniTrader includes multiple Trading Strategies that provide trading opportunities in any timeframe. Each strategy is preconfigured to find a specific type of trade in a specific market. For example, the RT Reversal strategy is designed to find stocks that are making a sharp trend reversal in intraday trading. Whether you trade stocks or futures, or whether you trade intraday or after market hours, OmniTrader has trading strategies that will give you great trading candidates right out of the box.

If you want to explore trading ideas of your own, OmniTrader makes it easier than ever. With our Strategy Builder flowchart, you quickly define the conditions you are looking for to enter a trade as well as the criteria that is required for you to exit a trade.


OmniTrader provides you with over one hundred trading systems that you can use to generate a trading signal. Our vast indicator library allows you to create filters to better define the type of signal that you are looking for.

Want to know when to get out of a trade? OmniTrader comes with preconfigured Trade Plans that are designed to minimize trading losses and maximize your gains. All Trade Plans are completely configurable so that you can adjust them to match your trading style and risk tolerance.

Stock Scanning

OmniScanYour OmniTrader subscription includes OmniScan, the most powerful stock scanning service available. OmniScans comes with dozens of preloaded stock scans that will provide you with a list of stocks that all meet a certain criteria. Want to know what the most bullish stocks are? Turn on the Big Bulls scan. Want to only see the stocks that are trending nicely? Turn on the Smooth Movers scan. Regardless of the type of stock list you want, OmniTrader has a scan to suit your needs.

OmniScan not only provides you with excellent canned scans, but it also allows you to create scans of your own. Start with all US stocks or a list of stocks in an index, and then apply the criteria that you want to use to filter the list. With just a few mouse clicks, you can easily create a customized list of stocks that will provide you with the exact type of trading candidate you are looking for.

Back Testing and Simulation

OmniTrader offers advanced testing capability to see how strategies performed on one security or on your whole list of stocks. You can backtest your stocks on decades of data in order to measure performance, and then use our Portfolio Simulation feature to see performance based on multiple allocation methods.