Tactical Trader

Tactical Trader Advanced Trading Strategies offers THREE complete systems in ONE amazing package. Systems you can begin using today to improve your trades.

Time on Target

This system uses well known, slightly adapted, indicators that utilize time displacement. It allows you to hone in on trades in a trend or swing trend environment. It includes:

  • 20 Experts
  • 10 Explorations
  • 30 System Tests
  • 11 Line Studies

Tactical Trader screenshot

Geometric Vector System

Based on the theory of price action and resistance vectors, this system provides a better understanding of price action. It includes:

  • 6 Experts
  • 6 Explorations
  • 6 System Tests
  • 25 Line Studies

Tactical Trader screenshot

Strategic Edge System

A more traditional system that employs a varied method of entrys and exits. Designed with stand-alone indicators, this collection contains intraday, swing and trend charting. It includes:

  • 10 Experts
  • 10 Explorations
  • 14 System Tests
  • 11 Line Studies

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About Clinton Schadlich

Starting in 1995, Clinton has built upon his career as a successful independent trader and has traded such instruments as commodities, currencies, indexes, S & P and more recently the FOREX market.

His analytical skill evolved around the experience he acquired during the years he was managing his own account.  The product development is centered on a technical approach to the markets and is based upon his knowledge of the markets, having traded through many different market cycles. Throughout his years as a market participant, he has found that the best trades use a mechanical, rules-based approach.