ICE 2.6

This product has won prestigious Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Readers’ Choice Awards. You can view these awards here

Each symbol listed on every exchange in the world is unique. It has its own trading activity, volatility, and other characteristics. Ideally, each symbol should have its own unique trading system specifically fine-tuned for its individual nuances.

Before now, creating separate trading systems for all your stocks was a daunting task. In fact, creating just one single trading system could have taken days or even weeks to develop.

But with ICE 2.6, you can create and optimize your own trading systems with just a few mouse clicks – and NO formula writing or programming required!

Created by long-time MetaStock insider John Slauson

During his 12 year career with MetaStock, John’s skills as a trading system developer flourished. He has helped industry gurus such as John Murphy, John Bollinger, and Steve Nison create their popular MetaStock add-ons.

John has been coaching individual traders to develop their own customized trading systems. Through his successes with these students, John began to create a simple method that automates the process of trading system development.

The result is ICE – the best way to remove the heat of emotional trading and focus on the cold, hard facts of a reliable system.

As easy as 1-2-3

With ICE 2.6, you can create your own winning trading systems in just three easy steps:

  • Find the best indicators. ICE categorizes all of MetaStock’s built-in indicators to make it easy to find the four highest-ranked indicators from each category. These indicators are the foundation for your robust new trading system.
  • Optimize those indicators for appropriate weighting. ICE and the new ICE System Wizard crunch the indicators you’ve selected and optimize them for your specific stock.
  • Install the final ready-to-use trading system right in MetaStock. As the final step, the ICE System Wizard emails you a link that you simply click on to install the complete trading system. It’s that easy!

Based on sound technical and trading principles

ICE 2.6 gives you decades worth of technical analysis research and rock-solid system development rules in a cutting-edge interface. It allows you to create powerful and reliable systems that are personalized to your own stocks and comfort levels.

The structured “recipe” approach offered by ICE gives you a definite trading advantage. All of the “ingredients” of your system are the absolute finest available, which means that it’s almost impossible to develop a poor trading system with ICE 2.6.

Trading systems you can trust

When it comes to trading with a strict trading system, traders perform better when they have confidence in the system they use. And confidence in a trading system begins with understanding the components that make up the system.

When you use ICE, you’ll have more confidence in your trading because you are the architect of your trading system. By following the simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll know exactly how your system was created and why it’s generating certain signals.

Exit signals based on sound trading principles

One of the most vital parts of your trading system is how to properly exit a trade.

It’s fundamentally unsound to base your primary exit rules on the same indicator that got you into the trade. That’s because the indicator in your trading system doesn’t “know” your profit and loss situation for that trade.

We’ve built ICE on the concept that stop losses give you the most efficient way to manage exits. Our unique IntelliStopTM technology dynamically calculates new stop levels each day to help you maximize your profits while protecting your capital.

Focus on the system, not the formulas

ICE is the first and only product that allows you to focus on the creative aspect of building a trading system for MetaStock – not the mathematical and technical aspects that bog most people down.

As a result, ICE shifts the emphasis of creating a trading system from the left side of the brain to the right side where it belongs. You won’t have to deal with the drudgery of the left-brain requirements of building a robust trading system.