FX Trader’s Advantage

FXTA 1.2 is now released!

Enhancements include:

  • FXTA Commentary Ticker
  • Trend Bias
    • Ribbon Indicator
    • Commentary Ticker
    • Trend Reversal Alerts
  • Trend Slope
    • Interval Highlights
    • Commentary Ticker
    • Trend Reversal Alerts

FXTA has been enhanced to give excellent earlier shorter term signals of trend changes to allow you to fine tune your trade entry and exit management. When the existing FXTA indicators with the new Trend Bias and Trend Slope indicators are in bullish or bearish agreement, extreme positive trade expectancy occurs.

The FX Trader’s Advantage Add-On includes custom indicators, explorations, system tests, and expert advisors that focus on trading currency pairs. All of the tools are based on the same underlying algorithms, but each provides a unique way of analyzing the results.

How does it work?

FXTA is a “trend-based” system. The FOREX market is a heavily trending market and it is important for traders to recognize these trends as early as possible. The earlier a trend is identified, the more likely you will benefit from that knowledge. The trend bias ribbon and trend slope highlights provide that early trend change indication.

The FXTA Add-On uses an indicator that helps you easily identify these trends across multiple timeframes. It does this without you having to manually open each timeframe. It displays the most widely used timeframes in an easy-to-understand expert commentary. This commentary not only displays the current trends in 20 different timeframes, but it also alerts you when trends across multiple timeframes are about to occur.

FXTA contains two new indicators that are essential elements of almost every successful FOREX system: Volatility and Pivots. The Volatility indicator helps you identify when prices are experiencing larger than normal swings, and the Pivots indicator helps you easily recognize important pivot points.

What’s in FXTA™?

Of the five main indicators included with FXTA, the heart is in the FXTA Indicator. All of the Experts, System Tests, and Explorations included in the Add-On are based on signals generated by the FXTA Indicator. The other four indicators include a simplified version of the FXTA Indicator, Pivot indicators that are used to plot support and resistance levels, a Volatility indicator, trend bias and slope indicators, and a trend ticker.

FX Trader’s Advantage uses proven FOREX trading techniques that help both the new and experienced investor trade the FOREX market with confidence.